Mentorship Types

I recently got the opportunity to speak at a mentorship and learnt a lot from the other speakers and the audience. I got to speak on the few types of mentors I’ve had the privilege of interacting with.

There are many types of mentors just as there are many types of people here are just 3 types that you can seek:

The Possibilities Mentor

This one shows you a door  of possibilities. Of what the other side of comfort and fear holds. She or he shows you a much wider world. An abundant world that you had never thought existed.

The door could be an application, a place or a way of thinking just something you could never have found or thought of on your own or you’ve been to afraid to even think about it.

The Wings Mentor 

The Wings Mentor believes in you and what you can do. She or he works towards getting you to know that you have wings and that you can fly beyond your self imposed limitations. They remind you that we all have wings but some of us never really find out they do.

Time is spent teaching you to use your wings. They remind you to have strength in the presence of weakness and courage in the presence of fear when the world seems too large to conquer.

They convince you to apply for that crazy opportunity and tell you YES you can do it because others have done it too.

The Distractions Mentor

This mentor shows you and reminds you to keep your eyes on the prize in a life of many distractions. They keep you accountable and on the path you chose in the midst of all the other things you could be doing.

In today’s world where there’s always many other things you could be doing with your time especially if you have a smart phone and you are online, you must be able to tell the difference between good opportunities and great opportunities.

Great opportunities are those aligned to your purpose while good opportunities look good on paper but take you away from your purpose and you end up living someone else’s life and not you know should be your life.

Please note the absence of mentors does not mean you don’t follow your dream. It just means that your mentor will find you already on the path as you go forth. Life is a series of moments not just a moment that’s why mentors come and go as you grow. You must take the initiative to find them or to find your dreams which will attract them to you for a richer life experience.




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