The Weather

The weather is just like life.

It changes with or without your permission.
It’s never really the same, each day bringing something new.

It takes a lifetime to realise that even if you can’t control it you can prepare for it.
Those who are best prepared enjoy it even if it’s not the kind of weather they like.

It changes slowly so you can walk to where you are going before it pours.
It changes abruptly so that you have to run and be creative just to make it to where you were going.

It has no malice or feelings as to who you are, what you believe, what you hate, what you did today, yesterday or tomorrow.
It keeps moving and changing despite where you are or how you are feeling.

The best way to enjoy it, is to find things to celebrate about it even when you don’t like it because of you look long enough you just might see the sun.


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