“I Am NOT Black, You are NOT White.”

I’m NOT black

I mean that’s what the world calls me but it’s not me

I didn’t come out of my mother’s womb saying, “Hi everybody I’m black”

No I was taught to be black and you were taught to call me that,

Along with whatever you call yourself

It’s just a label

See from birth the world force feeds us these labels

And eventually we all swallow them

We digest them, accept the labels never ever doubting them

But there’s one problem

Labels are not you,

Labels are not me,

Labels are just Labels

Watch the video for the rest of Prince Ea’s spoken word on an interesting perspective on race among other things

PS I’m not promoting all his work and neither am I getting paid for it. I’m just highlighting this one in particular as it’s an interesting perspective on issues that everyone must face to reach self actualization. 


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