Who You Are VS Who You Think You Are

The worst thing that can happen is never getting to know your true self. Sometimes we are everyone else but who we know we should be. We walk around feeling like it is not possible to be accepted just being who we are. Like we are not enough and never will be.

Most of who we are, we have learnt from social correction where we look to those around us and take what majority do as the way things should be done. Sometimes even to the expense of losing a bit of our uniqueness. We sharpen our edges and smooth en theĀ randomness that makes us uniquely us just so that we can be accepted.

What we fail to realize is that our differences strengthen us as the human race while our similarities unite us. We work so hard to fit in and look the same that we fail to impact each others lives as we are uniquely meant to.

Every time we don’t speak up when we know we should we have harmed and stolen from what humanity could have been if we had actually spoken up. If we had been there, said something and done something then something would have changed.

Strength lies in our differences.

Tomorrow is a new day to try again. Everything we did yesterday can be unlearnt and undone tomorrow. Tomorrow we can be better. A new dawn, a new opportunity rises. To be ourselves. To say what we meant to say. To help because we knew we could.

Tomorrow is a new day to be YOU.


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