Self Awareness (Part 2)

Working on self discovery is never that easy so that’s why we have 2 parts ;-).

In part 1 it’s all about writing down your days experiences and activities so as to understand what you are up to everyday read more here

In part 2 we are looking at your environment. Who do you normally surround yourself with? What do they say about you? Taking everything that people say with a grain of salt, we’ll take a deep dive into the world of the people who surround us. You will learn more about who you are at that point in time based on what people say about you.

Take a clean piece of paper and using your memories write down who people said you are no matter how random. If one person told you something and then someone else (who was not present when it was said) said the same thing highlight or circle that statement. There’s a high likely hood that you have such a trait or skill and you are as the said statement. Remember things said are sometimes based on context hence not permanent.

Do not listen to or take seriously everyone as some people determine who you are based on their perception or experiences rather than on reality. Listen to those who are close and/or objective even if they are not close. The key here is finding out more about what you don’t know about yourself to increase self awareness. If you find something you don’t agree with don’t take it too seriously especially after deep introspection.

Know yourself for self discovery

Know Yourself For Self Discovery


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