Self Awareness

As mentioned in the previous post everyday about 90% of the things a person does are automatic. Read it HERE in case you missed it. If it’s automatic that means we go through out the day without making many major decisions. We come up with goals which we rarely achieve to full potential or we come up  with simple goals to make ourselves feel better. To do something amazing this year you need to know yourself and know what you are working with.

If you are not sure how your time is spent. Why your time flies and you can’t see any progress? For the rest of the year to find out more about yourself, start writing a journal for every day. 3 months into it you’ll find interesting notes to read up on how you live your life, how you make your decisions, and more surprising facts about you. You can only change what you know. This awareness will…..

Write a journal to get to know yourself

Know Yourself



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