Being Well and Whole

As you chase your dreams and aspirations, on the look out for success never forget that your health is the greatest asset that you have. Every one is in a rush to get things done but what if one day you wake up and you can’t rush any more? You can’t move? You just can’t any more. What if…?

Your health is not something that can be gained or lost like money nor is it something that you can leave and come back to when you are less busy. Health is more like time it never comes back. The kind of energy you have now won’t be the same 5 years from now so give yourself love by taking care of your health. Your health is not just how much fat verses muscles you have, it’s how much peace of mind do you have? How much mental growth do you have?

The total amount of answers you give to more of these kind of questions are your health factor. Most of the things you are doing today you won’t be able to tomorrow. You need to be able to reduce your stress and increase your peace of mind by tying your experiences to the process and not just the results in the journey of life. You need to create time to have 3 meals, sleep 7 to 8 hours a day, have a laugh or two in the day and just live.

October being Cancer Awareness Month I’d love to remind you as I remind myself that I need to stay healthy for as long as possible. Sometimes you can help yourself other times you need to go get checked just to know if your health is still okay. Get checked for cancer especially since most of it can be helped if detected early.  Somethings are in your hands others aren’t but the key is in remembering that

life is as short or as long as your experiences.


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