How To Not Procrastinate

I know procrastination usually takes away from what you can achieve. All your dreams just seem to take a bit longer.  The journey starts to look harder than it already is and all because you can’t move yourself to do the work. You keep getting delays and excuses even if they are self made. You keep procrastinating and what’s even worse you can’t seem to stop.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying a new way to help change my habits {yes I also suffer from this horrid procrastination syndrome ;-)} that I learnt from Tony Robbins and Matt Pocius where I rewire my brain. I know it sounds crazy but it actually works.

How does it work? You ask. Based on what I tried and understood:

It works through changing what you value as pain and as pleasure. Here you are to take pleasure/get joy from your work as opposed to feeling depressed/sad. 

I know this sounds easier said than done but to as a test run when you write out your TO DO LIST reward yourself after doing one task every time. Depending on the weight of the task that you  accomplish, the size of the reward should be similar i.e. if it’s a small task give yourself a reward like listening to your favorite song/eating an amazing snack/watching a video; if it’s a big task reward yourself too with a reward of equal size. The rewards depend on what you value. This will teach/rewire your brain to value work hence help you stop procrastinating.

The idea here is not to overfill your TO DO LIST but to rework your priorities and stick to what matters to you. Remember:

“It’s really not the number of things you do but the efficiency of each separate action that counts”-Wallace D Wattles

To give it a try choose something let’s call it Project-I’ve-Been-Ignoring-But-Won’t-Go-Away that you’ve been procrastinating to do for awhile then write down a list of specific action steps that will get you to the finish it. Together with the specific action steps include small/medium/big rewards that you’ll give yourself as you accomplish the small specific action steps with a big reward after completely finishing the Project-I’ve-Been-Ignoring-But-Won’t-Go-Away.  Tell me how it goes when you give it a try.




3 thoughts on “How To Not Procrastinate

  1. I would love to know more about this approach, I suffer from the same problem 🙂
    Perhaps you could share a book with me?

    • Hi Fatma, Sorry for the late reply I was looking for a good read but I’m yet to find one for the time being here’s a TED Talk on understanding the mind of a procrastinator hope it helps in enhance your awareness

      On the method I shared above, I’ll give an example of writing a book. This sounds big and crazy so I will naturally not be excited to sit down and write out a book. What I’ll do is come up with about 5 to 10 sections and have sub topics that I will have to do under each section kind of game levels where I have to get through some challenges or win some treasure per level. 1.About Section 2. Outline Section 3. Research Section and so on. On the About Section the sub-topic(s) could include a paragraph of what I want the book to be about and a page with more on the about paragraph. Hence 2 subtopics under this section. Then maybe 3subtopics under section 2 the Outline Section. Under every subtopic assign a small gift to celebrate finishing each subtopic and a slightly bigger gift per section to help in encourage you in doing the work again like in games you only advance after each challenge. On finishing writing the book celebrate by a bigger gift like ordering yourself a meal you love, going for a movie or something similar that you love.

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