How To Avoid Mistakes In Life

If you want to avoid making more mistakes than your usual self in life always think of life in 3 scenarios and prepare:

1. Best Case Scenario – If everything goes according to plan this is how it would turn out……….

2. Most Likely Scenario – If some parts where to go according to plan while others just went haywire then these are the following results I would get……..

3. Worst Case Scenario – If nothing or very little goes according to plan this is what would happen………

Of course when going through the scenarios you have to be truthful to yourself so as to have a chance of reviewing every possible angle especially those within your control.

Yes sometimes life happens and when it does you can choose to be the author of your life or a victim of it.

The best part is that you train your mind to always think of various ways to get you to your life’s goals while removing some stumbling blocks which sometimes could be self inflicted. As you go to the week take a problem/challenge you’ll be facing and come up with solutions using this method and see how it goes. It doesn’t hurt to test run it then get the hang of it.

I’ve been working on it and it’s proving to be very interesting because it makes me be extra truthful with myself so as to reduce the excuses I have for WHEN LIFE HAPPENS.

This is something I learnt from Tai Lopez that I thought would be awesome to share. Tell me if it helps.


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