Reasons Why You’ll Barely Succeed That’s If You Succeed At All

With everyone telling you that you can succeed in anything you want to do. The Secret and all other programs telling you you’ll making it. I feel almost sorry to break your heart just as mine was recently. With the beginning of the year and setting resolutions I was ecstatic for the new year and the new opportunity it brings. Currently in the 4th month of 2015 I’m still restructuring and it’s not as easy as all blogs make it sound. It’s barely going any faster than a tortoise and being in generation right now I’m learning to be patient with myself.

Sorry To Break Your Heart But I Have To

Sorry To Break Your Heart But I Have To Image from

Now back to why you and I will barely Succeed if we succeed at all. I realized I have to be cruelly honest with myself for me to stand any chance at all just as you may need to be. My BIG DREAMS require BIG CHANGES in my behavior which is easier said than done.

In being honest here I’ll list a 4 of reasons I’ve seen that will make YOU and ME barely Succeed:

1) Over Planning/Over Researching

Old ways to do new things rarely lead to amazing results. I remember being told:

If you fail to plan you plan to fail.

With this in hand I came up with tons of lists(yes old habits die hard 🙂 ) of things I had researched on “How Tos”, “When Tos” and “All the Other Tos”. Well in my defense I keep researching on ways to do it faster, easier and better than those who came before me. It makes sense at least it did until midway through March and I realized my 2015 resolutions were now more lists than actions or experiences. I realized that I learnt more through actually doing what I had researched on rather than the research itself. Even when I failed I learnt more than when I just read about other people’s strategies/ways.

2) TOO Much Dreaming Verses Actual Doing

For some reason when I think of my dreams of the future I’m so excited I just keep dreaming in 3D full detail. It’s great to have such a vivid imagination as it keeps motivating you to achieve Your Dream. Sometimes however, it becomes a way to avoid actually working on the dream creating a certain euphoria. It becomes your excuse to not create time for you to actually work on it. You keep busy with your comfort zone life saying one day I do it. The unfortunate part about this is that one day that you keep dreaming about never actually comes. You keep dreaming of the right time the right place but it never comes. I learnt that this is a way of staying in my comfort zone, in a place where I’m familiar with what is to come and still feel good about myself just because I have a dream.

So now I just need to GET IT DONE with love from MY  MIND TO THE WORLD.

3) Not Being Patient With Myself Or With Others 

It took awhile to get to my current state so it’s not going to take a day to fix some things. It’s not going to take the same energy to get out as it did getting in. The problem is that this goes against my generation right now mentality. I realized that I need to unlearn some habits and replace them with ones that will help me get to my dream much easier than in the past. The difficult part is unlearning the habits without feeling like I’ve failed myself and my dream. It’s interesting that my right now mentality makes me feel overwhelmed or like I’m under performing. When in reality I’m on a new uncharted territory and I’m learning how to work here and how to trust myself and God with the decisions I’m making and will be making.

I’m learning to take my share of Responsibility Of My Life.

                        I just have to keep going.

4) Blaming Everyone But Me/YOU

Sometimes when it doesn’t happen the way I saw it in my head or fast enough I look for someone to take the fall. I read somewhere that

we judge others by their actions but we judge ourselves by our intentions.

So in looking for someone to blame for the results of our actions we lose out on the opportunity to learn from the results. Hence, our journey to success becomes twice as long just because we weren’t as honest as we should have been with ourselves. Being honest with ourselves and with others instead of passing around the blame sets us free to learn faster and to learn more. Stop blaming your circumstances and realize that they just make you stronger for the journey of life ahead.

At the end of the day I saw that my way of doing things will lead to being closer to my dreams than in trying to read more. Not that reading is bad but everything in moderation. Even with other people’s ideas and strategies you’ll still have to figure out a path that is just for you just as I am. A path that works for you and your own way of doing things. At least it guarantees different results and who knows you may just inspire others to walk their journeys and to follow their dreams leaving the world better than we all found it for others to come.

So stop planning, stop dreaming, stop blaming everyone else and be patient with yourself because You are worth it. Then maybe just maybe You’ll succeed.


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