You are in the 21st Century

In case you are not aware of it you are in the 21st Century. The time when you can literally change yourself, your country and the world but only for the good. The world will not condone misdemeanors where you try to dehumanize and look down on people.

In a world where social media and internet is giving people a voice you better learn to understand that’s it is a new world. The rules have changed and they continue to evolve. There’s no time to regret your past but you must never forget the lessons you got.

This year is a quarter lived so 3 more quarters to go. Go out there and find a dream, a purpose and an experience that helps make the world a better place without kill others. The most difficult part will be finding “YOUR IT”, everything else will be easier after that.

Find your place in making the world a better place not just for you or your family but for others in the future. Find the thing you are willing to fly for so that the world can have life because:

You were here. You are here.

Welcome to the 21st Century, a time when your life begins and you turn a new chapter in your life.



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