Really Embarrassed to say I once Believed in the Media

Dear Media Houses (NTV, KTN and Citizen),

Seeing that you have been behaving badly this week and claiming you do not having your digital connection ready. I’m ashamed to say I once believed you. But on further investigation I found a lot of digital evidence that you yourselves produced. First let me say I’m disappointed that you are using flimsy excuses to claim that you did not have enough time to move from analogue to digital. When if any one Googles Digital Migration in Kenya it can be seen that this started all the way before September 2013. Implying that you had over a whole year to move. Considering you are the major media houses in Kenya it’s embarrassing that you are trying to use your media power to not follow rules and are becoming an authority over yourselves when all other small media houses have moved without complaint.

This leads me to my second point the fact that you switched  off all airing of any programs is even more embarrassing. Then you went on to say that over 90% of the population will be affected because of your self perception to be above the law.  Where did you guys get this number because just out of curiosity I’d love to see the verification of this information. Later you went to say 35% of the population has access to set top boxes. You had over a whole year and being caring to us as the consumers could only be shown by switching off your stations completely and blaming the government for taking your technology away?!!!  Seriously

You even had the gall to say that over 2, 000 people are at risk for losing their jobs for your management’s poor planning  and acting up????? seriously. Now you need 3 months more to fix your mistakes when you had over 1 year. This begs the question, what have you been doing the whole time? Why did you think it unnecessary to follow the timetable which everyone else did. Now we the consumers and your employees have to suffer for your mistakes. How is that just? Maybe you should be fined some ridiculous amount for this ridiculous behavior and then added the 3 months while stile letting DSTV, ZUKU and all other digital platforms to keep airing your content. Show that you care for your consumers and don’t act like brats.

Yours sincerely,

Media Consumer

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