Most people I know think they know themselves. I’m sure you can tell me about 10 things that you are sure you hate, 10 things that you like and 10 things that you love. Most of who we think we are is based on memories of what people said, a failure we experienced a long the way, a successful action you performed, an award you won, recognition given to you, what the media said and some feeling that you felt.

Some of the rules that you keep were never yours to keep.

Some of the things you hate could just be a dream while some of the things you love could be other people’s dreams for you. This week write down 3 things that you hate and spend time finding out why you hate them and if you actually hate them. For those who hate maths try working out your frustrations on this website https://www.khanacademy.org/

I recently discovered I don’t actually hate calculus 😉 Find out something about yourself this week. It’s the first step to being true to the REAL YOU

You can only have a life worth living by being a true expression of yourself. This song should be your last thought on a life well lived.



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