On Protecting Those Who Would Protect Us

I remember once I saw a woman being beaten up in public by someone who was supposedly her husband. The woman was dragged by her hair as other people watched and said she might have done something to deserve it. I remember someone telling me to stay away lest I become the next target. Being only 5.1 tall I stayed away but wondered if this was the fate of women? If this was my fate? When did it become right to keep quite? To stay away? To deserve physical abuse? To be less a human being? To deserve no one’s help? Someone tell me when? #YesAllWomen

When I Have Time by Sara Rosso


In college, I was assaulted.

A man kicked me so hard that hours later a perfect outline of his boot, including the individual treads on the bottom of the sole, appeared as a blazing bruise on my backside. This complete stranger, who was in my life for about 90 seconds, identified me as such a serious threat that he exerted a damaging force.

While my boyfriend was mere feet away.

Let me back up.

My undergrad university had big block parties, as many do, where hundreds of drunk college students stumbled from one house to another, taking the party into the streets so that entire neighborhoods became the party. This was one such party, and it was wrapping up for one of our guy friends who was too drunk to get home on his own. I walked behind this friend, supported and shouldered up by his girlfriend and my boyfriend.


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