For 2015…… Lets Go Be Selfish

Well I just finished reviewing my 2014 in terms of the tons of lists I had. One thing the lists confirmed is that drum rolls…………..LIFE HAPPENS BEYOND THE LISTS so go ahead and throw them out. Yes please even the ones that you are coming up with right now. The reality of this life is that each day is a blessing in itself seeing as we are not guaranteed tomorrow. The loss of people who were family through death made me to review what I want 2015 to be.

For this year I want to keep a simple promise to myself to LIVE and not for others but for ME. Living for others has a tendency to make you feel like you never measure up, like you will never be enough. We were raised to think that to want something for yourself was being selfish. Well, this year I want to promote being SELFISH.

Yes Lets Live

I remember having sleepless nights worrying about the long list of unaccomplished tasks that no day ever seemed long enough for me. Most of the tasks barely included me. Now imagine being with yourself everyday and never ever giving yourself a pat on the back, a long deserved nap, enough food and water, enough laughter, enough peace and the list is still endless ;-). I’m sure you can fill the rest with your side of wants and needs.

I wish I could tell you something else but this year after losing a close relative I realized truly life is short. Don’t act too immortal. You don’t have a ton of time on earth and even if you do you won’t have the same energy tomorrow. To get want you’ve always wanted you’ll have to change the way you’ve been living. You have a chance to try again, to be who you wanted to be, what you wanted to be, what you wanted to be ……..when you looked into the mirror, before life happened.

Take this chance and be what you wanted to be. Be SELFISH this year and then maybe you’ll be more hopeful, more happy, more helpful, more free and more true to you. Take a chance on you. Be SELFISH. I don’t know when you lost yourself but in this new year you have a chance to start again, try again; believe in yourself enough.

Life is a question how you live is the answer. 

To keep your new year’s resolutions try to just keep it simple. Have only One thing that is your major dream but is both challenging and amazing enough to get you out of bed full of excitement this year. We always forget ourselves but this time add yourself to the list early and come up with maximum 12 steps to achieve your One thing. One step per month so that each month you do one thing that get’s you closer to your One SELFISH goal for the year.

Write the steps down and stick them where you can see them as a reminder to go out there and GET IT DONE. Live Your Dream this year Go Out there and be SELFISH for once.

P.S. I’m not advocating for you to kick people out of your life I’m advocating for for you to be true to you so that others can be true to themselves.

Tell me how it goes somewhere in March or June or September.


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